Why you should never ignore a foot infection

Experiencing constant mild-to-moderate pain in your feet, even if you think that it’s insignificant, is a signal that something is wrong. Even minor trauma or injury requires medical attention, because ignoring the problem can lead to a serious foot infection. Redness, warmth, or swelling are early telltale signs that there is indeed a problem that must be addressed in order to prevent more complicated issues from occurring. Keeping our feet healthy is an essential part of staying mobile and active during our daily lives.

If you notice the formation of any blisters, wounds, or ulcers that are less than 1 inch across, you will need to develop a treatment plan with a doctor on how to care for these wounds. Red streaks radiating from a wound or ulcer on the feet or legs is a sign that the infection is spreading throughout the tissues.

Any numbness in your feet can be aggravating. It can be caused by numerous conditions, such as diabetic nerve damage, often called neuropathy and also indicate an underlying problem in circulation. Itching of the feet can be the start of a possible fungal infection. Even extremely dry skin may lead to an infection.

Difficulty walking can result from diabetic arthritis, sometimes caused by pressure on the foot. Early intervention is important in order to prevent serious problems, such as an inability to perceive pain and skin breakdown.

If any of these symptoms are accompanied by a fever, a prompt a call to the doctor’s office should be made. Anyone with diabetes should be especially cautious of a fever. If you are concerned about the health of your feet, please visit our website for more information.

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