Foot Surgery Patient
When I came to Doctor Rosen I was in extreme pain and had been for several months. I had a condition with my left foot. That had been determine I had a torn tendon. I am flat footed so that didn’t help the situation and I was also born with an extra bone in my foot. All of this together made it very very painful. So, when I was referred to Doctor Rosen I came in and it was amazing, just the feeling. I knew he was going to make me better by what he told me by what he said. The whole office staff here is amazing. I never actually wanted to go to a doctor’s office. Prior to this I have been told I was going to have to live this way. This was it. Just wear these certain shoes. He said no. Dr Rosen absolutely he said no. You do not have to live this way. We will find out what is wrong and we will fix it. My surgery was November fourth. After following his plan I am feeling one hundred percent better and it just continues to get better. I could not ask for a smarter and caring staff, just great all the way around. Doctor Rosen and his staff made the experience just amazing.

Foot Fracture Patient
I broke my toe doing something really stupid and let it go for a while. I thought it was just a sprain. I came to Doctor Rosen and found out it was broken. I have had therapy and wrapped and had no feeling in the toe and now I have feeling in the toe. I am now able to walk without a limp. I enjoy coming here. The staff and everyone is very competent and easy to work with and everything. My husband has been coming to Doctor Rosen for five or six years. He is a diabetic. He has had foot problems and they have been able to help him. They have given him therapy and have been lucky enough to keep his feet. We have been very happy with everything that has happen so far.

Foot Surgery Patient 2
My name is Henry I was injured at work in a training accident in law enforcement. My tendon was ripped in my foot. Doctor Rosen immediately saw me the very next day, after the injury. He treated me with kid gloves. X-rayed my foot. Did MRIs and did all the testing necessary. Staff was excellent. Surgeries went flawless. Even after the government doctors had pretty much wrote me off from ever returning to work the prognosis is extremely well now because of the treatment that he has given me. The surgeries went well. The staff was excellent and all the physical therapy. The whole experience was great when you are talking about surgery and the treatment for the injury.

Plantar Fasciitis Patient
Well, I started having pain in both of my feet. I like to walk a lot and it was just too painful to walk. My heel hurt so much that finally I just couldn’t walk. I was tip toeing practically. I decided it was time to see a doctor. This friend recommended Doctor Rosen. So I came to him. He told me I had plantar fasciitis in both feet. He had options for me to do and we chose the therapy. I started coming here three times a week. The left foot got well quickly but my right foot is still bothering me some. So, I am continuing the therapy. Especially the massage therapy has helped a whole lot. Everyone here has been just so nice. His helpers and especially Doctor Rosen they just want me to get well. They are trying to help me to get well. I really appreciate them.

Plantar Fasciitis Patient 2
About six months ago I began to see the doctor for my left foot. I was having pain in the bottom of my left foot. After consultation with him he gave me several different options. One of the options was therapy I chose the therapy option which I have been taken approximately for three to four months. My pain scale has gone from approximately a nine down to a one. The pain that I was having before was hindering me from doing certain things due to the fact it was painful to walk on that foot. Now most of the pain is gone and I am continuing doing the therapy. I have ordered the orthotic pad to go in my shoe and hopefully that will cure my foot in the future. I have been coming to see the doctor for approximately two years. One of the things that I really enjoy seeing about him and coming here is if I have a 10:30 appointment I am usually seen by the doctor by 10:30 or within ten minutes. It is not one of these things where I have to wait thirty, forty, fifty minutes before I see the doctor. Same thing with the therapy. If I have a 10:30 appointment with the therapy I am usually in therapy at 10:30 or 10:40. That I enjoy having an appointment and having it on time.

Reconstructive Surgery Patient
In 1982 I had a bunionectomy. A year later the bones were moving around and not staying in place. The podiatrist put a silicone implant. That implant lasted for a number of years. About eight years ago I was having difficulty because it was going to the bottom of my foot and I could hardly walk. I had seen one podiatrist who looked at it. He said, well I could go in there to see if there is anything that could be done. I need your permission to do amputation if I can’t get it straighten out. I saw another podiatrist and he looked at it and took x-rays and he said I think amputation is necessary. I said I will find one more. I went to another podiatrist who said the same thing. I was getting a little bit upset about that because I didn’t want to lose my toe.

Last January, a year ago, my daughter and son in-law were going overseas and they asked if I would come and take care of teenagers. Well, unbelievably the day before I had the worst infection in that toe. I could not even put a shoe on. I thought if I go to the doctor he would say I can’t go. So I am going to call the airport and get a wheel chair and I made it fine out there. My daughter’s friend is a physician assistant in Colorado Springs. She came and looked at it and put some soothing cream on it. She said when you go back to Florida I want you to see someone at the wound center. So, I had an appointment at the wound center and he looked at it and said I have just the doctor for you and who was Doctor Rosen. So I came to Doctor Rosen and he looked at it and saw it was pretty complicated but he said we will do surgery on it, reconstructive surgery which will involve the second toe as well. Thank God it worked and I tell you this is a great story because could you imagine me going all the way to Colorado Springs by God’s grace he sent me back here to have the toe taken care of. That was last April I thought it would take longer to heal. No. I am walking fine. My toes are straight and I am enjoying life.