Oh, My Aching Feet! Why Foot Pain Should Never Be Ignored

So, whats a little foot pain after a day of work? There’s a big difference between a little ‘foot fatigue’, which is normal after a day on the go, and then there’s ‘foot pain,’ which may indicate something more serious than just needing a fifteen minute breather and an advil.

Foot pain is common and most likely experienced at least a few times in someones life. However, if the pain begins to interfere with everyday life or you cannot perform desired activities without pain, its time to see a doctor. Such acute pain could be a sign of something more sinister, such as;

Stress Fracture or Broken Bone:

By definition, stress fractures are hairline cracks in the bone. Typically, these are a result in repetitive application of force or overuse (ie. Repeatedly jumping up and down, or running long distances.)

Bone Spur:

Also referred to as ‘osteophytes,’ these bony growths often form where bones meet, in your joints. Most are asymptomatic and can go unnoticed for years. Once noticed, there is also a possibility of not requiring treatment. The impact of the spur on your health will dictate whether or not treatment is necessary.


Categorized by the sudden and sever onset of pain, this complex form of arthritis can affect anyone. However, it most often favors men. Women become more susceptible to it after menopause. Severe attacks of gout can actually wake a person from sleep with the sensation that the affected joint is on fire. The joint will be swollen, hot, and tender to the touch. Fortunately, it is treatable and there are steps a person can take to lessen their chances of another flare up.

Diabetic Neuropathy – A common yet sever side effect of diabetes. Bouts of high blood sugar can cause damage to nerve fibers in the body, resulting in tingling and numbness. This is most common in the feet and legs.


Irritation and inflammation of a tendon in the body. While it can occur anywhere, tendonitis is most commonly found in the wrist, elbow, knee, heel, and shoulder.

Septic Arthritis:

An intensely painful infection localized in a joint. If the infection becomes sever bacteria can actually enter the bloodstream and spread the infection. Prompt medical treatment is needed as septic arthritis can quickly cause sever damage to bones and joints.

Chronic pain should never be ignored, especially when it’s in one of the most hard working parts of your body. When your body hurts, it’s trying to tell you something. Learn to listen to it. For more information about foot health and treatment for foot pain, feel free to visit us at our website.

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