Foot Ulcer Treatment

Ulcers are painful, open sores on a surface of the body that often fail to heal naturally, and can sometimes become infectious.  They can occur almost anywhere on the body, including on the feet. Foot ulcers are most common in people who suffer fromdiabetes and poor circulation. These ulcers can be deep and red in color, and will issue yellow or green discharge if they becomes infected. Left untreated, foot ulcers can lead to serious health problems, such as bone infection, an abscess, and gangrene, which in turn can lead to amputation. It is therefore imperative to seek out treatment.If you believe you are suffering from a foot ulcer, rest assured that your condition is treatable. The most important thing to do is to seek medical attention as soon as you suspect that you have an ulcer. Early treatment can drastically reduce chances of of infection.

Your doctor will choose the best course of action suited for your needs. One common treatment is debridement, in which the doctor gently removes dead or dying tissue. Your doctor will clean and dress the wound, and may prescribe special shoes or a cast to help alleviate pressure from the affected area. Antibiotics will be necessary if the area is infected. Your doctor will recommend you return frequently, perhaps once or twice a week, to check up on the healing process, and a nurse may visit your house to change the dressing.

Our practice is here to provide you with the best treatment options. If you believe you are suffering from a foot ulcer, or any other foot-related ailment, do not hesitate to contact our team at Brevard Podiatry.

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